February 14, 2020, 9:30am

9:30-11:30am, Ponce Room at the Baierl Center in Wexford.

Topic: Occupational Therapy’s Role with Families & Emotional Regulation

Presenter: Elizabeth Sherman, MOT,OTR/L, of Heart of Gold, Pittsburgh Therapy Project LLC

Occupational therapists can help families of children who have a difficult time regulating their emotions. Elizabeth will talk about emotional-relational development and children’s emotional regulation needs across settings such as their home, school and community. Elizabeth will share general suggestions for building your capacity as a support for your child including supporting your own self-care as a parent and/or caregiver.

Presenter: Elizabeth Sherman (Heart of Gold, Pittsburgh Therapy Project LLC) is a licensed occupational therapist (MOT, OTR/L) who specializes in children’s emotional-relational capacities, sensory processing and motor development, family-based care, and trauma-sensitivity. Elizabeth has a diverse background in pediatric occupational therapy settings including both public & private school systems and the home, as well as special training in supporting individuals with complex trauma backgrounds. Elizabeth works primarily in the home setting with families in the Pittsburgh area who are experiencing difficulty with their child’s ability to regulate their emotions, engage and relate with others, and use their body effectively to participate in daily routines. Elizabeth’s goal is to deepen your capacity to use your relationship with your child as a tool to foster their optimal growth and development.

Please attend! We hope you will consider becoming a member of PNG, but it is not necessary in order to attend the meeting.

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